Aquaculture is becoming increasingly important as we face up to the challenge of feeding the world’s population.  Science and industry are working in collaboration to enable new technologies in the race to increase yields and reduce costs, while at the same time, minimising the environmental impact of intensive farming.

Low-energy lighting was initially seen simply as a means of reducing energy and maintenance costs.  However, this is now changing as we learn more about the importance of light as a biological driver, opening-up exciting new opportunities to use lighting dynamically to improve yields and product quality.

After 8 years of development, the BioLumen range now combines the latest innovations in low-energy/low-maintenance lighting with our increasing understanding of the important biological role that light plays, particularly in the lives and life-cycles of aquatic organisms.

In today’s intensive, competitive environment, marginal gains are increasingly the difference between success and failure.  Low-energy, modular, biologically-optimised lighting is one of the variables that can make the difference, particularly during incubation and early-stage production.  Here, light can play a vital role in supporting early development, and entraining those processes that contribute the strong immunity, growth-rates and overall health and vigour.