BioLumen Technology

BioLumen AquaRay® uses the latest in LED technology to deliver smooth spectrum light which is tailored to suit the needs of both humans and livestock. Using only branded LED components from the likes of Cree, Osram and Samsung, BioLumen AquaRay® ensures a high quality, efficient light, backed up with a
3 year guarantee on light units.
BioLumen’s AquaRay® patented NP technology provides a unique spectrum of light that is in tune with the biological needs of your livestock. Combined with diurnal and seasonal lighting control, the specific spectrum helps to entrain the animals’ internal clocks, therefore regulating hormone production and improving wellbeing.
The rugged housing is hand built in the UK using ABS, acrylic and aluminum components. It is shockproof and waterproof (independently tested to IP67) and low temperatures and
pressure washing.
With 120° beam angle, the spread of light is even, and directed only
where it needs to be.
Our BioLumen Control system enables full and simple dimming of the lights to simulate sunrise/sunset without flicker and can track both diurnal and seasonal cycles based on user settings or latitude and longitude coordinates. This system also includes the ability to apply user-set shifts in photoperiod to
simulate accelerated seasons.
All BioLumen AquaRay® lights are compatible with the MMS modular mounting system, which enables them to be mounted in almost any situation, including hanging from stainless steel catenary wire.