Public Aquaria

In public aquaria, providing effective lighting means addressing three often conflicting priorities:


  1. Animal welfare – making sure the animals needs are addressed and that they don’t suffer undue stress.
  2. Cost management – keeping operating costs like energy and maintenance as low as possible.
  3. Display aesthetics – optimising the visitor experience by making sure displays and the specimens in them are lit to best possible effect.

These considerations are regularly in conflict and often curators must spend a great deal of time and effort making sure they get the balance right!


The rapid development of LED and associated technologies provides the means to improve the situation, offering the flexibility to address all three priorities at the same time.  The BioLumen system delivers all the advantages of modern, low-energy lighting technology, and makes this available to curators and aquarium managers with functionality that has been designed around their specific needs.


The extensive range of fixture choices means each display can be lit to exact requirements, meaning specimens are less stressed and displays look their best, providing visitors with a more immersive experience.  Furthermore, the system is modular, so lighting can be matched to the size and depth of each individual display, dramatically reducing the amount of wasted energy. Finally, the BioLumen control system means all displays can be integrated into a single network, offering full visibility from a single interface and multiple setting profiles that can be “targeted” to distinct zones as required.