Small Mammals

Rodents and lagomorphs have evolved their eyesight not for foraging or navigation, but to quickly and effectively detect approaching predators from almost any direction. Consequently their vision is extremely sensitive and efficient at low light levels.

Light plays an important role in promoting the biological rhythms of these animals influencing both growth and reproduction.

Guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and hamsters all fit into these two groups, both of which have dichromatic vision with peak sensitivity of 425nm (blue) and 523nm (green).

Given this information, the Nature Perfect technology used in AgriRay lighting offers the perfect spectrum to fit these animals’ needs. By using AgriRay instead of other lighting technologies that emit wavelengths in less useful parts of the visible spectrum, there is a possibility to save large amounts of energy by offering only what the animals need. BioLumen control allows lights to be timed and dimmed to suit the needs of the animals, and make further savings whilst also offering the correct entrainment for biological function. Furthermore, the use of this control system avoids sudden changes in lighting conditions that can cause fright and potential injury to the animals.